seo-el-paso-txEl Paso; The online struggle for dominance is real! Millions and millions of SEO blogs post are uploaded every day. Now that’s a lot of information right? I know, I know a little scary or discouraging right? Especially for some of you that are just getting your feet wet.

Let’s sit back and analyze online competition. No matter what you are using, Google, Bing, FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram it all boils down to TOPICS! Popular topics much like the head cheerleader and high school prom queen are crowded with businesses/company’s trying to fight for her attention, but instead of a new car or nice clothes they are using an optimized website and blogs. (note: small topics are easier to gain attention but I do not recommend spending resources on. Small topics usually do not generate leads/sales)

So how do you beat the BIG DOGS in the BIG TOPICS? You ask, chill out I’m getting to it.

The reason that your competitors are ranking higher than you is because 1) they have more content! 2) They have better content! (shh its okay I still love you). Think of it like this Google, Bing and others sell information right? At the end of the day that’s what they do, So if your competitor has written a book about your industry and you have written a page who will they try to sell 1st? You follow? So to play in the game you need to pick a popular topic, (then put your best dress on Cinderella because we are going to the ball) build up good relevant content around said topic, be organized and focused. To get a date on page one of google you need a content hub.

Whoa! A Content Hub? A content hub is a fancy way of saying a web page full of content that focuses on one topic.

is a content hub for related services.

are content hubs when topic based.
A Content hub is the key to the new car that will help you get a date on page one of google with your popular topic.

you do not build a Content Hub that has similar content over and over be unique think outside the box with each post.

· Content in different formats
Remember that just like you and I are not the same you and your customer are just as unique we do not all learn the same way nor do we like the same medium for our information mix it up: blog posts, guides, videos, info graphics, audio, etc.

· Content on other websites
you can write post on other websites but make sure that if you are selling glasses you are not posting on a NIKE blog it must be relevant.(do not mix and match homie)

· Let me help and together take over your TOPIC.
you focus on what your good at and let me focus on SEO and GOOGLE

AVISO GROUP LLC: How to Rise on Google and Beat your competitors in 5 easy Steps

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