political-capmpaign-marketing-el-paso-txRefers to the argument that observes political and electoral processes from a marketing perspective. The results indicate that key political marketing decision makers within the party examined often have a limited understanding of the marketing concept. The researcher’s redefinition of the marketing concept into political terms received a high level of acceptance from certain groups of respondents within the study. Shows that the marketing concept with its customer centered orientation created a major concern from the perspective of the state executive decision-making category.

The city government is officially nonpartisan. Mayors and city council members are elected for four year terms and may not be elected more than twice. El Paso is rich in cultural diversity. With the richness of cultural diversity brings the clashes among the people. The city operates under a council–manager form of government, which combines the strong political leadership of elected officials, in the form of eight council. The city has the many possibility for the growth and development if they focus on their strength and ignore the difference. People here are with versatile skills I suggest them to use it optimally.

The increasing national and global competition for residents, tourists and investors has caused small cities and towns to allocate more resources toward advertising in hopes of convincing the external audience to come see what makes their place special. The goal here is to analyze media strategies used by Texas’ small and remote cities and towns in order to market themselves. The study is based on the careful analysis of dozens of Texas places’ official web sites and advertisements, which were published in Texas magazines, brochures and newspapers. Messages, slogans, visuals, colors, websites, logos, ads and symbols used to promote Texas is one form of political marketing campaign.

The political marketing is not very easy or cheap. It needs research and patience. With right investigating, the marketer can do following things:

  • Identify current position on politician. See what areas have to get improved or how you can improve them. Suppose the candidate isn’t looking very good to public regarding certain issue, then new strategy will be required.

  • Identify effective approach. Like advertising the product, there are several effective ways of putting information out in market that can generate the desirable feedback. The live forum might be very effective over TV appearance. The city visit can leave the better impression than simple handing of flyers. The social media can help to get the votes from younger generations. This can depend on what marketer sees as very effective.

  • Know what your public wants. At times people don’t know what they actually want till it was introduced to them. It is a case while it comes about political marketing. Public might think that position 1 is a best option, until the candidate shows them and makes them to believe that the position 2 is a best one to go.

With above steps, it’s safe to say proper political marketing will really influence the people’s decision making. It might sound as if you are taking benefit of them, however it certainly can help candidate to reach their target. The political marketing can make the candidate look very good with media. Just like in advertising, public must just see good side of product. When public sees the flaw, they will use it to question candidate’s credibility that can pose a big problem.

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